Attendee Sponsors

As with many blogging conferences, attendees may obtain sponsorship for companies wishing to support the online community. We understand that individual sponsorship can be a wonderful benefit to an attendee, in some cases the only opportunity that an individual blogger may be able to attend. As such we do support your right to obtain sponsorship for you attendance, we do however ask that you respect the organizations that are working with us to support all bloggers at the conference with Official BlogWest Sponsorship. Sponsoring an individual in no way denotes sponsoring BlogWest and as such they are not given official BlogWest sponsorship rights and opportunities.

If you are an attendee considering or having obtained individual sponsorship please note the following details:

Your sponsor is entitled to whatever benefits you have promised within your own blog, your contact information or even the clothing that you wear. It must be noted on your blog with any editorials, posts, advertising that they are YOUR individual sponsor, (not a sponsor of BlogWest.) Of course what you wear or what you put on your own contact information is your own property. However, we will not tolerate handing out of individual sponsor materials, gifts, “swag” and the like on conference space. This includes the BlogWest seminar, branding and meal rooms as well as the venue reception area, restaurant and the like. Should you wish to hand out information on a one-on-one basis, this can be done offsite or in your room. Non official BlogWest sponsor materials left or handed out on conference site will be confiscated and/or removed and disposed of by BlogWest designates without compensation.

We have no desire to remove anyone’s conference attendance but should these guidelines be ignored we reserve the right to do so without reimbursement.